Walk-In Tubs, Chesterfield, NC Posted by Cassidy Holt August 19th, 2017

Walk-In Tubs, Chesterfield, NC

Walk-in tubs offer a number of benefits for Chesterfield residents, including safety, relaxation, and ease of use.

Walk-In Tubs in Chesterfield, North Carolina Those who are struggling with balance often find that climbing in and out of a bathtub is one of the most challenging tasks. In fact, many falls occur in the bathroom, and people are more likely to fall when they’re trying to lift their legs over the slippery edge or lip of a tub. You can solve this issue for your aging family member or yourself by installing a walk-in tub in the bathroom at your Chesterfield, North Carolina home.

Walk-in tubs offer a number of benefits, including safety, relaxation, and ease of use. You can also choose a tub that comes with massaging jets, which will help soothe tired and sore muscles, or one that offers seating within the tub for easier bathing. Walk-in tubs have sealed doors, so when you enter the tub, you simply open the door and step right in. It doesn’t have a raised edge, so it’s much easier to get in and out. Once you’re inside, you can close the door and start the water. If you prefer to shower, simply use the handheld showerhead to wash your hair and body.

You can also find walk-in tubs that have sturdy handrails and other safety features, making them great options for bathrooms frequently used by seniors or those who struggle to stay on their feet. A skilled plumber should always install a walk-in tub to ensure that it doesn’t leak or have other problems. For walk-in tubs in or near Chesterfield, North Carolina, you can call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – Morganton, as this is an area of expertise for our plumbers.

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