Pipes & Sewers, Connelly Springs, NC Posted by Cassidy Holt October 10th, 2017

Pipes & Sewers, Connelly Springs, NC

Your Connelly Springs home may experience some negative consequences if the pipes & sewers are neglected.

Pipes & Sewers in Connelly Springs, North Carolina

Dirty jobs tend to be the most likely to be neglected. After coming home from a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is dive head long into a dirty and difficult project. Maybe some people find it to be relaxing, but most people would rather actually sit down and relax instead. However, just because there are jobs you don’t want to do doesn’t mean they don’t have to get done. Pipes & sewers are some of the most likely things on your property to be neglected because you can’t see the direct result of not cleaning them regularly; however, they can also cause serious damage if they are not cared for routinely.

Your Connelly Springs, North Carolina home may experience some negative consequences if the pipes & sewers are neglected. You may have sewage backup into your home. You may experience flooding from a burst or clogged pipe. You could also have mold or mildew growth in areas that are not properly cleaned after leaking or flooding. Each situation could result in costly repairs and be a health hazard to you and your family. All of these issues are avoidable, especially if you keep your pipes & sewers regularly maintained.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – Morganton, we want to be the reason you have some time to relax when you get home from a hard day of work. Our technicians are skilled at thoroughly cleaning pipes & sewers, and we will provide you with detail-oriented labor. We understand the repercussions from neglecting pipes & sewers and are happy to help you avoid those consequences.

Pipes & Sewers

Properly working sewer and water lines are very important for having a stable and clean home. Your sewer lines guide waste products out of the home; while your water lines help supply your home with the water you use everyday.  Your property could have an assortment of fixtures, fittings and different appliances that could cause a number of potentially hazardous problems. These problems include sewer backups, clogged lines; issues with leaks, damaged pipes, high water pressure and low water pressure, which are all serious problems which calls for assistance from true plumbing professionals. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing we provide effective solutions for plumbing emergencies

Water Pipes

Today, water pipes are made from a variety of materials, including iron, polyethylene, copper, and PVC. Water pipes help deliver water from the street or well to all areas of your home for kitchen, laundry, bath, and outside irrigation usages. These pipes are hidden beneath the slabs of homes and consist of valves, fittings, and joints that can lead to leaks. Water lines that are pressurized are more vulnerable to leaks. In most cases, it can be difficult to detect leaks without professional inspection. Leaks can lead to water damage, increased bills, and low water pressure, which is a waste of our natural resources. This is especially true for colder environments where frozen pipes are a major concern.

Sewer Pipes

Your sewer pipes help remove wastewater materials from your baths, kitchens, and laundries to a sewer or septic tank system. Most of these pipes are constructed with plastic materials such as PVC and polyethylene. Sewer pipes are sensitive to gravity, meaning slight inclines will force the flow of the sewage to a further distribution point. These pipes consist of joints and fittings and can become damaged over time, leading to leaks. Sewer leakage creates bad odors, large messes, and serious unsanitary conditions.

Maintenance and Repair

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we perform a variety of preventative and restorative measures for both your water and sewer pipes, including whole house re-piping.

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