Home Water Treatment Systems, Hickory, NC Posted by Stuart Steene-Connolly July 5th, 2016

Home Water Treatment Systems

More and more, homeowners are refusing to suffer through the bad-tasting or poorly cleaned water.  Home water treatment systems can condition water to maximize the cleaning power of your water as well as add a fresh, clean taste and smell.  Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Hickory has the expertise to install and maintain the best water treatment systems in Hickory.  Investing in water treatment can save you money in the long run that you might have spent on extra laundry cycles, excessive soap use, and bottled water.

Hard water can have many negative consequences.  Chief among them: lowering the efficacy of soap.  Due to all the calcium, magnesium, and iron in the hard water, it doesn’t react properly with soaps.  Instead of bubbly suds, you get dull, slimy water.  Your bathtub water may leave your skin and hair feeling dry or with a ring around your bathtub.  Your dishwashers may yield filmy, spotty dishes, and your washer may offer up not-quite-clean clothes.  What’s more, you may even see stains on fabrics, dishes, and fixtures due to mineral deposits clinging to surfaces.  Hard water can also corrode plumbing fixtures and wear away at the insides of expensive appliances.

A water quality treatment and conditioning system installed by Benjamin Franklin water treatment Hickory can do more than temper hard water, though.  It can also filter out bad tastes and smells that come with small amounts of algae, hydrogen sulfide, and metals like iron or zinc.  You can even filter out chlorine, which makes your water taste like a public swimming pool, dries skin, and fades clothing.  A specialized carbon filter improves taste and neutralizes odors.

To learn more about some of the benefits of water treatment and hazards of untreated water, click on the below PDF links.

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