Water Softeners, Hickory, NC Posted by Cassidy Holt August 19th, 2017

Water Softeners, Hickory, NC

If you live in the Hickory area, you can trust our experts to handle the installation and maintenance of water softeners.

Water Softeners in Hickory, North Carolina You’ve probably heard mention of soft water and hard water, but do you know what these terms mean or which type of water you have at your home? Hard water often leaves behind traces of minerals, like magnesium and calcium, so if you are constantly scraping residue off of your glasses when they come out of the dishwasher, it’s likely that your home has hard water. Other signs include skin tightness or discomfort after bathing, dull-looking hair, and clothes or linens that are still dirty or stiff when come out of the wash. Hard water decreases the effectiveness of soap, making it much harder to get things clean. While these signs may not seem terribly concerning, hard water can also wreak havoc on your plumbing system. The excess minerals can cause scale to build up within the pipes, and you may experience more clogs or backups than others because of this problem. If you do have a clogged pipe, your home could experience significant water damage in a short period of time, which is expensive and difficult to repair. Water softeners are the easiest options to prevent these problems. Water softeners use ion exchangers to remove positively-charged ions from the water before it moves through the pipes. They also contain anti-scale systems to transform specific ions into crystals that move freely, instead of attaching themselves to hardware, fixtures, or the insides of pipes. Installation of a water softener should be left to a professional because if it’s done incorrectly, you could have a serious flooding problem on your hands. If you live in the Hickory, North Carolina area, you can trust our experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – Morganton to handle the installation and maintenance of water softeners. Contact us today to get started!

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