Garbage Disposal Installation, Hickory, NC Posted by Cassidy Holt August 19th, 2017

Garbage Disposal Installation, Hickory, NC

You should leave the job of garbage disposal installation in Hickory to our experienced plumbers.

Garbage Disposal Installation in Hickory, North Carolina Unless you live in an older home, it’s likely that your kitchen sink contains a garbage disposal that grinds up food scraps. Without a working disposal, the plumbing that connects to your kitchen sink is more likely to clog and back up, leading to more serious problems with water damage and terrible odors. The disposal uses sharp blades to grind up even larger pieces of food into smaller sizes, allowing them to move through the holes at the bottom of the disposal. If bits of food are too large, they’ll stay within reach of the blades, so they’ll continue to get ground up, which helps to prevent clogs. While some DIY home projects are easier, garbage disposal installation can be challenging and even dangerous if done incorrectly. Instead, you should leave the job of garbage disposal installation in Hickory, North Carolina to our experienced plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing- Morganton. If we’re installing a brand new unit, we’ll choose a high-quality option that fits in the available space. Before we finish the installation process, we always test the unit to make sure it’s working properly and not making any strange sounds. Then we’ll leave you to enjoy your brand new disposal. For replacement jobs, we will remove the old unit and dispose of it for you. Our plumbers will also clean out the drain hold and remove and replace the locking ring, so the view from your sink will look nice and new. Call us today to schedule your garbage disposal installation.

Garbage Disposal Installation in Chesterfield, NC

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