Sewer Cleaning, Hickory, NC Posted by Cassidy Holt August 19th, 2017

Sewer Cleaning, Hickory, NC

We offer sewer cleaning for your Hickory home all the way to the municipal connection.

>Sewer Cleaning in Hickory, North Carolina

Most homeowners in the Hickory, North Carolina area assume that once they flush the toilet or send something down the drain, it is now completely in the hands of the city water & sewer department. The truth of the matter is that you are actually responsible for the sewer lines going all the way out to the connection in the street. If something happens to that main line, you are going to need to have it fixed. That line is quite a bit smaller than the line it is going to, so if a clog occurs, it is most likely going to be on your property.

That is why our team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – Morganton offers sewer cleaning services. With regular visits, we can make sure that your main line is kept free of buildup and blockages. Most blockages start small and build over time, rather than coming as a result of something too large being sent down the line. Through regular sewer cleaning, you can avoid this situation entirely.

The frequency with which you should have sewer cleaning done will depend upon a number of factors, including your family size and lifestyle. In addition to performing sewer cleaning, we are also happy to provide education about what you should avoid flushing or putting down the drains so sewer cleaning can be less frequent. We’ll also advise you about conditions we notice that may be endangering the waste lines, such as a tree with a root system too close to the main line. If you have more questions about sewer cleaning or any of our plumbing services, do not hesitate to call. As always, you are covered by our on-time service guarantee, straightforward pricing, and guaranteed repairs.

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