Garbage Disposal, Morganton, NC Posted by Stuart Steene-Connolly July 7th, 2016

Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair – Morganton, NC

Leftover food and other waste can leave your kitchen in a rather unpleasant state.  Scraps of food left over from meals make up 10 to 20% of a typical household’s waste.  When your trashcan isn’t overflowing, your garbage disposal is jamming, right?  

A garbage disposal device, usually electrically powered, is installed under your kitchen sink between the sink’s drain and the trap which shreds food waste into pieces that are small enough to pass through your home’s plumbing system.  Rightfully, food waste disposers take their place of honor in kitchens everywhere.  Perhaps more so than other kitchen appliances.

Both in the trash can and in a backed up garbage disposal system, foul odors can occur that make you want to cringe.  To clear those odors, grind ice cubes and orange or lemon rinds in the disposer, or pour a small amount of liquid detergent into the disposer while it’s still running.  

If neither of these options alleviates your garbage disposal problem, the current garbage disposal system needs greater attention, or your home is in need of garbage disposal installation, call our plumbing professionals.

When installing a new garbage disposal, we will:

  • First remove the old one if one is present.

  • Then, we will install the assembly that will hold it in place beneath your sink.

  • Once securely seated, we tighten the mounting assembly, applying even pressure to your sink’s bottom before connecting the disposal’s wires in the disposal electrical box.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Morganton, our professionals are equipped to install all types of garbage disposal systems that eliminate food waste in a snap.  From cost-effective to high-end models, our systems are more convenient and quiet than ever before.  Cleaning up meals couldn’t be easier.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Morganton is BBB Accredited

Since 2011, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Morganton professionals are BBB Certified for Water Treatment as well.  This means that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Morganton meets the BBB accreditation standards, including a commitment to make every effort to resolve all our customer needs. In addition, our professionals are equipped with the right tools and the right knowledge to fully understand and address garbage disposal complications, repairs, and installations.  Our service trucks are equipped to handle both common and uncommon issues, and repairs can be completed within one business day.

Why Choose Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Morganton

When it comes to our garbage disposal services, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Morganton is strongly committed to punctuality.  If there’s a delay in our service, it’s you we pay! We’re so sure of our outstanding work that if we’re not on time for your scheduled appointment, we’ll pay $5 for every minute we’re late (up to $300 total).  With punctual and efficient services backed by a 100% guarantee, our highly-trained professionals can handle every garbage disposal problem, big or small.

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