Tankless Water Heaters, Morganton, NC Posted by Stuart Steene-Connolly August 19th, 2017

Tankless Water Heaters Morganton, North Carolina

More and more homeowners are opting for the convenience and efficiency of tankless water heaters.  These new appliances are 22 percent more energy efficient than gas water heaters, translating to savings of $70 to $80 a year. Benjamin Franklin Tankless Water Heaters Installation Morganton has the professional expertise necessary to install these exciting new heaters and to help you save both money and time.

Choosing a tankless water heater can involve several factors.  One is groundwater temperature: if you’re working with colder water in your area, your unit will need to be more powerful.  Another factor is flow: many people end up underestimating how much water they need because they’re not accustomed thinking in terms of gallons per minute.  

A professional recommendation from a Benjamin Franklin plumber can help you make sense of your requirements and which specific model of tankless water heater best fits your home.

How do tankless water heaters work?  They’re different from conventional water heaters, which store up hot water.  As soon as you use more than fits in the tank, you’ve run out of hot water. A tankless water heater, on the other hand, heats water on demand.  

Once the hot water is turned on, water flows through the heating element, the burners are turned on, and the water is heated as it flows to your faucet.  With a gas tankless water heater, those burners are powered by gas, and the unit may even come with an oxygen-depletion sensor that can detect carbon monoxide.  

An electric tankless water heater is another option, and if you’re trying to decide between gas and electric, we can also help you with that.

We are Better Business Bureau Accredited

You can trust that a tankless water heater installation from Morganton will be done accurately, taking manufacturer instructions into account to help preserve your warranty.  Our certification from the Better Business Bureau shows the time and care we put into every aspect of our service, taking pains to put the customer first.  We’ve been certified with the BBB since 2011.

Why Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is the company to choose

Lastly, our straightforward pricing structure can take the mystery out of plumbing services.  When you call us in for a consultation, we will examine your plumbing, listen carefully to your needs, and then tell you upfront the tankless water installation cost.  

With Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Morganton, you get a 100% guarantee of straightforward pricing, courteous service, accurate repairs, and punctuality.  If we’re late for our appointment, we will pay YOU $5 for every minute, up to a total of $300!

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