Water Heater Repair, Morganton, NC Posted by Stuart Steene-Connolly August 19th, 2017

Water Heater Repair Morganton, North Carolina

Water heaters are notorious for the wide range of problems they can encounter, and at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Morganton, we take a particular pleasure in wrestling water heaters into submission and making them function both powerfully and efficiently.  

There’s nothing worse than a tepid shower, after all, except maybe having to argue with family members about who gets to shower first.

There are many problems that can indicate a problem with your water heater.  The most obvious is a lack of water.  But if you aren’t getting enough hot water or if the water won’t get hot enough, there could also be a problem with your water heater.  

Other warning signs are water that smells like rotten eggs, rust colored water, water leaking around the water heater, and unusual sounds, such as rumbling, popping, and high-pitched whining.  If you and your family are suffering from any of these problems, give us a call.  We can quickly assess and diagnose the problem.

Once the cause of the problem is determined, our certified plumbing technicians will calculate and explain the water heater repair cost upfront as part of our straightforward pricing.  That way, you will know the price before work starts and can make an informed decision based on all available options.  

Water heater repairs will then proceed, using our Warehouse on Wheels.  Our trucks are fully stocked with thousands of parts, meaning that in 90% of cases, we won’t need to take time, to order parts. Instead, we can make repairs right on the spot, so that you can get back to work and life as soon as possible.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Morganton is BBB accredited

For water heater repair in Morganton, there is no better choice than Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.  We’re proud to say that we have been certified by the Better Business Bureau since 2011.  

Our integrity and courtesy are two of the most important qualities of our business—along with superb plumbing work, of course.

Why Choose Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Morganton

To be a Benjamin Franklin Morganton plumber, a technician has to be in the top 3% of all applicants, because we accept only 1 in 33 applicants to wear the uniform.  All of our technicians are skilled professionals who undergo background checks and drug testing, so you can feel confident welcoming them into your home.  

Finally, our water heater repairs—like all of our repairs—are guaranteed.  If a repair fails in two years, we will return to your home and repair it again at zero cost. We also install water heaters!

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At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we provide high-quality water heater repair services in Morganton, Hickory, ChesterfieldLenoir, and Valdese, North Carolina.

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